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Revolutionizing Observation Technology for Enhanced Insights

Innovating Structural Analysis

Our business is centered upon three elements


IP Licensing for Measurement Devices

The creation and licensing of intellectual property focused on principles of design and function of devices for the quantitative measurement of physical phenomena. 


Prototype Development & Refinement

The reduction of our IP into prototypes, and refinement into beta designs for manufacture and sales. 


Applied R&D Initiatives

Conducting applied research and development of our IP

Revolutionizing Structural Monitoring Technology

The conceptual spark for the creation of an active optical observer was inspired by a desire to realize a less complex means to gather empirical data of mechanical oscillations.

The vision came from an idea to employ precise distance measurement using projected light. This later morphed into a subsequent concept for concurrent gathering quantitative data of mechanical oscillations at many points on a structure, hence the name ConcurrentData.

We are a team of 8 with most possessing advanced degrees in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Embedded Systems Engineering, and/or Physics. 

ConcurrentData is a Sub-Chapter S corporation founded in the State of Michigan. 

We are privately funded.

Untitled design (47)_edited.png
Untitled design (47)_edited.png

Advanced Structural Analysis Solutions

ConcurrentData’s Gen-I POD

ConcurrentData‘s POD technology provides compelling value:

The use of a proprietary high-speed chip for the measurement of mechanical oscillations that provides the ability for high-speed imaging.

The proprietary design of the active optical circuit based upon the projection of light onto the surface at a perpendicular intercept angle. 

This approach provides: 

1024/1 analog to digital data compression from the detector

Observation capability featuring precise measurement of displacement, high bandwidth, and dynamic range - essentially creating a non-contacting 3-axis optical Stethoscope.

CCD’s Gen-I POD design provides for a device having a low mass, a small form factor, and with low power consumption.


Reach Out to Us

Reach out to us for any inquiries about our company, products, or services. We're here to help!


US Post Office Mailing address:
ConcurrentData, Inc.  |  PO Box 590
Brighton, Michigan 48116

Location of the ConcurrentData Research Laboratory:
ConcurrentData, Inc. | 10299 East Grand River Ave – Suite O
Brighton, Michigan 48116

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